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The well-being of your entire school community matters. Wellducation is designed for schools that are ready to truly make wellness a priority without having to compromise other school-wide initiatives. Because we know how busy school leaders are, we understand teachers need to focus on teaching, and students need to focus on learning. A chance to have meaningful change in school culture as well as the wellbeing of each member of your community, is here.

Mental Health providers can see some of many students in your school. Wellducation is here to give the entire school support ongoing. Yup, even sustainable for the fast-paced world of K-12! 

We also understand that folks in the community can benefit from social emotional learning, but too often SEL doesn't seem like enough. Learning about coping skills is great, but we want to help your school bring life to them. We have several tiered options to ensure there is a plan that works with your school's budget. 

We'd love to connect with you and explore how we can help you with the 23-24 School year ahead! 


If Not Now, When? 


It's estimated that 1in 5 teens are living with a mental health condition. Often times teens bottle up their feelings, adults may have no idea what emotions the student is wrestling with that's keeping them from learning. If we don't provide students with coping skills, how can we expect them to cope on their own?


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