Imagine a world where students can learn how to cope with emotions. Where k-12 education provides opportunities to build a skillset to strengthen relationships with others as well as the relationship with the self. When teachers, school leaders, and all peers are sharpening these areas together, it's no telling what it can do to school culture and the individual progress of each student.  


What Every Student Deserves

According to the CDC, nearly 1 in 5 children have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder. Unfortunately, only about 20% of children receive care.

Wellducation  was created to reach all students and school staff. Even the student who never makes it on anyone's radar deserves to have tools to help them thrive! Now school communities can make mental health a priority by including it in the learning cycle. It's time to create a new norm in education. A norm that says you are not alone, and in this school we prioritize your mental health. 

Wellducation does this by engaging the school community with in-class video modules that walk students through a path of support, and connection with others. Finally in-class curriculum that provides social emotional tools that students can take with them into adulthood.


Wrap Around Wellness Starts Here

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It's estimated that 1in 5 teens are living with a mental health condition. Often times teens bottle up their feelings, adults may have no idea what emotions the student is wrestling with that's keeping them from learning. If we don't provide students with coping skills, how can we expect them to cope on their own?


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